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Auston Pratt

Lonnie Robinson January 12, 2021

Auston Pratt- My name is Auston Pratt and I have been a scholar my whole life. It was not until the age of fifteen when my whole life changed forever.

At the age of fifteen I had a scholarship from the Oprah Winfrey program ABC (A Better Chance) to attend a prestigious boarding school named the Kiski school. It was an all boys institution and I faced a lot of prejudice and bullying.

It was not until spring break when I completely lost my mind. I felt like I was invincible, super intelligent, and day by day growing physically stronger. No one could pick up on this behavior until the school told me that I had to go home.

When I went home I started to become Psychotic, and ended up entering my first psychiatric unit later being diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. While being trapped inside the institution it was not pretty. I was wrestled to the floor by grown men, strapped to beds, having needs penetrated in my flesh, being locked in rooms for almost half of a day, and taking a flock of so many differet medications to calm me down. In all that confusion when it felt as though I was abandoned from everyone, that was when I felt God the most so I piwcked up a pen and started writing.

There was still chaos in those institutions and out of them and I was reliving these experiences over and over again, but I persevered and now my writing has turned into a published book, “Psych Ward Genius: The struggles through a Psychotic Break.

I recently came back from China and I am stable at an HBCU, I am proud to say that God delivered me and it is my obligation to uplift people that are going through the struggle and encourage them that they are only being tested and God has a reward for them at the end.