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“The One Percent seeks to create a community for entrepreneurs, business owners, and dream chasers alike. We strive to help entrepreneurs take their vision to a reality, to help business owners expand their business and income to the highest degree, and unlock the gifts in those individuals whose dreams haven’t been brought yet to the forefront of their mind.”

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Video & Audio Interviews From Successful Leaders

"Live interviews of successful entrepreneurs in the business meant
to inspire the community
to never give up on your dreams"

Watch a snippet of our video interview with Chris Cummings, Founder of "Pass It Down"

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Access to Our Private Facebook Group

"Where you can ask other entrepreneurs & business owners what their doing and what’s working for them. As well as get questions you may have answered, by real people with real businesses. Basically, one big happy successful family"

Weekly Group Coaching

"Weekly Webinars or Live Streams where you will learn from some of the top industry leaders and be able to get your questions answered to help your grow your business"

Access to an Exclusive Networking Mixer

"Networking with the 'who's who' of your city"

Access to a Business Spotlight of The Month Program

"A program where your business can be chosen for the month and the
community will get behind you to help promote you and your product!"

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What our members are saying?

Sondra Settles

I’d like to say how excited I am to be a part of The Rise of The One Percent coaching. Coach Gerald Bass has implemented things to bring me out of my comfort zone. He is showing me ways to enhance my business as well as shown me ways to talk to people to bring them into my business.  Loryn Wellman is awesome with the technical things when I’m having issues. I am also very thankful for the modules that we have 24 hour a day 7 days a week access to. Therefore, we can watch the as often as needed to be sure to grasp what we are being told. This is the best investment into my business that I could ever make.

Sondra Settles
Maie Woods

There’s only ONE word to describe the Rise of the One Percent family: AMAZING!

From the first day I felt like I made the right decision and in time it proved true.

When I started, I just wanted help with promoting my home based business.  Since then,

I have learned how to market myself and my business through different outlets, and have reached tens of thousands of people.

PLUS, Gerald has pushed me into creating my own product outside of my home based business, creating another source of income.

No way could I have imagined anything like that!!

Gerald Bass is an innovative entrepreneur what sincere passion for helping people.  You can’t teach that.

He’s sincere and patient.  That’s hard to come by these days.  And I’m extremely grateful for him and Loryn.

Maie Woods
Alexandra Estyl

I have been a network marketer for about 4 years now. I started lost and basically had no idea what I was doing online. I have had some training to give me an idea what network marketing was, but still I felt I was missing something. So, the thought of hiring a coach was really in my mind but with so many so called coaches out there, who do I choose. I reached out to some coaches but they didn’t have what I needed to take my business to the next level. Then, Gerald Bass came along and he had just what I was looking for: Professionalism. Without a doubt, I knew the Rise of the One Percent was a community I wanted to be part of. The back office is loaded with powerful training that definetely gave me a mindset makeover. I have learned things that I didn’t even know I could do. Gerald and Loryn were meant to come in my path because now I know exactly what I want and where I want to go with my business. Thank you so much.

Alexandra Estyl
Stephane Laroche Jr.

Just want to take some time out my day to thank Gerald Bass for helping me create a product that will generate thousands of dollars showing people how to “close deals” in the sales industry. I also want to congratulate him on his success on helping dozens of entrepreneurs increase there income in there businesses. We will be on top in this industry.

Stephane Laroche Jr.
Lakeisha Hamilton

I was trapped in a bubble. I was stuck. I knew where I wanted to be but didn’t know how to get there. Gerald pierce that bubble. Gerald assisted me with putting my 1st real estate Information product together, and consulting program. On our 2nd Consulting Session through his sharing of his marketing strategies with me I had my 1st $3,000 Day In the consulting/ and Information Product space.

Lakeisha Hamilton
Antonio Milhouse

Gerald coaching program has done a lot for me. Just coaching with Gerald allowed me to walk off my Job In two months. Gerald Bass coaching assisted me In having my 1st $1,000 Day In Business, and consistent $1,000 days since.The program allowed me to generate enough Income to be able to Invest In my own graphic design business Milhouse graphics. If you are looking for someone to coach you, mentor you, and take your business, Income, and lifestyle to the next level I would get Involved In Gerald’s coaching program.

Antonio Milhouse
Janet Thomas

The rise of the one percent community has helped me expand and enhance my vision as far as business. I’m excited to actually see my dreams of being able to empower women come into fruition through their guidance. It’s a blessing to be apart of a network of entrepreneurs and to be able to reach our fullest potential through networking.

Janet Thomas

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  • Access to our Private Facebook Group
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  • Access to Weekly Group Coaching
  • Access to be a part of our Exclusive Networking Mixer
  • Access to all calls & live interviews
  • REALTIME Access to Live Streams & Webinars
  • Access to Weekly Group Coaching
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group
  • A Discount to our Exclusive Networking Mixer
  • Affiliate Program and Community
  • Access to our Business Spotlight of The Month program
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