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You can make great money by referring your subscribers and followers to The Rise Of the One Percent as one of our trusted affiliates.

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Your Questions Answered:


 What does this mean to me?

This means that the visitors you invite to the Rise of The One Percent Community through your sales page who purchase a membership, YOU will earn a commission, each and every time!

 How much money will I earn?

You will get 40% residually every time you refer someone to the community. You will earn 40% paid out on all product sales.

  How and when do I get paid?

You will get paid the following month for all referrals that become clients.

 How do I promote?

Once you become an affiliate with the community, you will have access to pre-written emails, banners, graphics, & blog posts that you can use on your websites! We also have “done for you” funnels available.


In closing, by leveraging the Rise of The One Percent affiliate program and referring other people by marketing the products & services of the community; you can put yourself in position to invest back into YOUR own business (es).

If you have any questions/ comments, or for a list of our FAQs, please visit our Support center.

Lastly, by being a part of the Rise of The One Percent Affiliate Program, think about how much more valuable you’ll be in the marketplace. Simply because you are referring individuals to a community with the tools & resources they need to achieve their dreams. And of course, think about the number of lives you will impact because you helped them live out their dreams.

To Your Success,
Gerald Bass
Creator & Founder of The Rise of The One Percent, LLC.